Step 1. Consultation

Our new client David, from central London, was looking for a completely new look to his bathroom. He wanted to get rid of standard bath and make a walk inn shower room. We were happy to help him to achive his vision!

Step 2. Preparation & Installation

After discussing on  overall design, we recommended him which tiles will look best with existing ones. Then we statred prepearing our new site. We took care of their flat, making sure that we will leave it in the same condition as we came in.

This is our standard by the way.

“Keep clean and tidy!”

Step 3. Installation. Day 2 – 3


It took about 2 days to remove old bath and tiles around it. Also we had to move shower controls to an oposite wall.


Step 4. Finishing our job


After about a week of a hard work we have finished installing David’s new Walk Inn shower room. David was very happy with a new look of his bathroom!

The goal was achieved! Another happy client!

The Total cost for removing old bathroom and installation of the new walk in shower room: £2000

Duration: 7 days.

Cost was actual on December 2016

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