Step 1. Consultation

This was our second job at the same flat. The client was happy with our first job of installation of the new kitchen wall tiles. Now he decided to change floor tiles as well.

Step 2. Preparation & Installation

After discussing on which tiles they would like and ordering them our professional tilers came on site to remove the old tiles.

On the next day new floor tiles arrived and our team began installing them.

Step 3. Installation. Day 2


It took the whole day to install the new tiles.

After they finished, they cleaned the the kitchen.

Job done!

Step 4. Meeting with a client


On the next day we met with a client again to show the final result. After examining the job the client was very happy with the result!

The goal was achieved!


Total cost for removing old tiles and installation of the new kitchen floor tiles including materials: £800

Duration: 2 days.

Cost was actual on June 2016

End Result

Before and After