Step 1. Consultation

This flat in central London has some water damage to the ceiling, walls and floor due to a leak from the flat above. After meeting with a landlord and giving him a quote for insurance company, which was accepted within a week, we started our new project.


Plasterboard should be removed and replaced entirely to get rid of mold. As you know Mold and mildew are known to cause respiratory problems. So painting on top was not a solution in our case.


Replacing Old Floor

As the floor was damaged, we had to replace it completely in the whole apartment, as we couldn’t find the same type. Plus it was old and worn anyway. We found relatively close match.


Repairing Ceiling

Half way through we started removing damaged ceiling and walls.


Plastering Ceiling

Finally our handyman plastered ceiling.



After 2 weeks we met with a client again to show the final result. After examining the job the client was very happy with the result!

The goal was achieved!


Total cost for repairing leak damage including materials: £5293

Duration: 14 days.

Cost was actual on December 2016


End Result

Before and After